In our series „Successful Sustainable Fashion“ we tell success stories of labels which follow high green & ethical standards, some of them from the GREENshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin.

BRACHMANN  modernizes the classics of menswear. Inspired by architecture, the shapelines of new forms are especially important for unique designs by BRACHMANN.

Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN

What is the story behind Brachmann?

Our fashion-label BRACHMANN Postclassical Menswear modernizes the classics of menswear. Inspired by design principles from architecture as well as by the Bauhaus-Tradition, we playfully interpret the design vocabulary of those classics. On the basis of traditional forms we let emerge new details as well as new harmonious garments. Just as important as the shapeliness of new forms is for us the wearing comfort of our garments. Therefore, we pay special attention to comfortable fit, to kindliness to the skin and ecofriendliness of the fabrics used, and to a high-quality production in Germany. Our Post-Classics combine sustainability in production and consumption.

As Creative Director, I have studied both architecture and fashion design. During the design process I make use of design principles of architecture and translate them into fashion design, always with a look at the Bauhaus-Tradition which influenced me during my studies in Dresden and at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle/Saale. In my collections I trs to combine the best out of the worlds of architecture and fashion: In fashion I appreciate the high speed in which one can translate concepts into real and tangible forms by means auf the textile medium. In architecture I admire the timeless forms. The menswear classics and their inventory of traditional forms are the medium which I use in order to coin my own style, that is both modern and timeless at the same time.

The idea behind BRACHMANN is to combine timeless, yet avantgardistic design with ethical and ecological principles of sourcing and production in order to create sustainable fashion – fashion that stays.

How would you define the Brachmann style?

In order to describe our unique style we came up with the term Post-Classical Menswear. Post-Classics are based in the classical tradition, and yet they are avantgardistic, though of a subtle type. Our style is post-classical since the menswear’s classics are the jumping-off point of our design process, not its result. Yet, our innovative garments are subtle and wearable since they are firmly anchored in the tradition and thus respect the classical style. We think, that every man with a sense for style, modernity and individual expression can find something he likes in our collection, since we provide garments for every occasion. Business looks with a subtle detail for the second look, progressive evening wear with a minimalistic elegance, and clean avantgardistic outfits for the urban everyday life.

Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There are many sources of inspiration. The most important sources are the traditional forms of the menswear classics themselves at the one hand and design principles of architecture and the Bauhaus-Tradition at the other hand. But we are also strongly influenced by societal and fashion trends which we pick up by living open minded and by communicating a lot and by doing trend research. After all, we want to create collections which set trends that are in step with the times.

What is sustainable fashion for you?

In our understanding, it is always a combination of timeless design and quality, so that consumers can buy favorite pieces that have a longlasting live span without loosing sex appeal or breaking down prematurely. But just as important to sustainable fashion are the aspect of ethical production so that the people that actually produce the garments can lead a life in human dignity, and the aspect of ecological sourcing so that the environment is protected for ourselves, our children and later generations.

Is ethical fashion already established or still an exotic trend?

It may still be an exotic trend at the time being, but it most certainly is a growing trend no one can ignore in the near future, at least we hope so. Or, to put it another way, we think, that we can currently observe an accelerated value change at the level of the society at large towards sustainability in any area of society. We hope that sustainable production and consumption will become taken-for-granted in the fashion industry as well.

Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN Autumn / Winter 2013 collection by BRACHMANN