SUPERIOR is an international magazine with the focus on young vanguard fashion-, beauty- and art- photography & film.

SUPERIOR Magazine stands for high-quality photography & film connected to fashion, offering its readers exciting, fresh photo editorials & films as well as background interviews and reports from the fields of fashion, beauty, art and design. Combining the talents of renowned photographers & film-makers and artists with outstanding newcomers, each edition of SUPERIOR Magazine is a fund of new insights and inspiration. The magazine’s sophisticated design provides an artistic showcase for all kinds of avant-garde visual expression and imagery.

SUPERIOR Magazine is published across all media channels with a strong link between the channels.

  • In our SUPERIOR BLOG a team of bloggers from all over the world present their very personal view on all themes of fashion, beauty, art and design.
  • SUPERIOR ONLINE appears monthly as a designed online magazine and has a worldwide circulation.
  • Exclusive print editions of SUPERIOR Magazine are published at varying intervals.
  • SUPERIOR Magazine can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo.


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